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Roxercat - 2020
Roxercat - 2020
Roxercat - 2020

Roxercat – 2020

The year 2020 is a mark in the lives of each and every human being on this planet because, from this year onwards, the whole functioning system of the world and its people have changed for the better or worse in several ways. The rollercoaster of intense emotions, impactful events, and the entire vibe of this particular year is what the latest single by Nashville, TN-based trio Roxercat, 2020, from their EP Pearls, portrays.

Roxercat is made of Price Jones on vocals and guitar duties, Stan Lassiter on guitars, and Bill Francis takes care of the duties related to bass. So together, this trio makes some of the finest and most amazing music that you will ever hear. Therefore, their new single, 2020, is nothing less than impressive. Moreover, the concept behind this song is what intrigues the listeners most because it is tremendously relatable to every listener since everybody has first-hand experience of that time.

A beautifully composed track, 2020, takes the listeners on a journey through surprising sonic elements. Besides that, the song has numerous shifts within itself that justify the idea of the composition. Overall, the guitars take the foreground in this track alongside the amazingly coordinated drum and bass backing, which work as the track’s backbone. Apart from the musical elements present in the track, its official video is something that deserves special mention and appreciation due to the absolute brilliance with which it brings life to this superb song.

So, don’t wait any longer and quickly check out the latest single by Roxercat, 2020, and treat yourself to an amazing sonic experience. Also, you can listen to this track here:

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