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Ali George - Little Prophecy
Ali George - Little Prophecy

Ali George – Little Prophecy | Glinting Melodies

Ali George is a British singer-songwriter. Inspired profoundly by Bon Iver and John Martyn, his music has a reputation of being mellow with acoustic guitar melodies and enchanting vocals. George has been in the folk scene in southwest England for 20 years. He has released six albums, all of which have been added to the British National Library’s Permanent Collection. Little Prophecy by Ali George ponders over the foretelling of love and heartbreak that is looming in the horizon.

The baritone vocals of the artist glide across the canvass of striking acoustic guitar melodies. The vocal timbre is resounding and adds a wonderful dimension to the song. We also see subtle eastern percussion pulses underpinning certain segments of the song. Accessorized by skillful guitar flows, heartfelt vocal trajectories, and emotional harmonies, the song glints like a diamond under sunlight.

There are charming and refreshing arcs of harmonies littered throughout the song. The artist alternates vocal textures between breezy numbness and weighted emotions to portray the state of a melancholic heart. With intimate and personal lyrics, the artist therapeutically recollects a wonderful love with a resigned acceptance of the heartbreak that followed.

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Ali George – Little Prophecy

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