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Benji Cavalli – Ball | Elevating

Benjamin B. Kai, better known as Benji Cavalli, is an instrumentalist and songwriter who was born in Monrovia, Liberia has recently released his new killer track called “Ball“. The songwriting offers a lot of clarity regarding the track’s purpose. The writing is really powerful and will undoubtedly instil a great deal of inspiration and passion in the audience to fight their battle. The song instils in the listener the strength to overcome any passive impulses. The track’s energy is so upbeat that it would attract a lot of people to move along with it. The vocal delivery has a certain attitude to it that is incredibly convincing. The performance reflects his genuine excitement and brings out his true emotion about the song’s purpose, which I find quite inspirational.

The groove is quite enticing, and it is this that draws your attention to the tune. The afrobeat rhythmic pattern is quite amazing. In fact, the chorus is so appealing that it stays in your brain long after you’ve finished listening to the song. The production adds a beautiful arc to the song that keeps us hooked till the very last bar. Those small production features and techniques work really beautifully with the music. The synthetic layers fill the room wonderfully. The muted guitar, syncopated to the rhythm, sounds extremely cool. The content of the song, which is so encouraging and might actually help someone break the shackles, is the key emphasising aspect of the track for me.

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