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Jacob and the Starry Eyed Shadows – When the Lights Go Out | Uplifting Space

Jacob and the Starry Eyed Shadows, a Scottish musician and composer, has released a new song called “When the Lights Go Out,” which is a true banger. From the beginning, the enthusiasm is incredible. I really liked how the song began. The concepts concentrate on rock, pop, electronic, and folk sounds, resulting in an intriguing complexity. The beginning alone raises our anticipation for the song and prepares our ears to listen to it all the way through. The song’s atmosphere has also been brilliantly boosted by the composition. Being in love causes us to feel a sense of warmth and delight. The terms are kept simple so that we may understand them easier.

The vocal delivery also has the appropriate dynamism and authenticity, which adds to the performance’s true quality. The phrases are also delivered with a lot of clarity and retained in the mix with a lot of space, providing us enough room to follow the lyrics without being distracted. The pop rock arrangement, on the other hand, is a perfect match for the songwriting. We also get to hear a little guitar solo, which adds a lot of great motion to the arrangement. Drums and bass add to the ferocity of the track and keep the rhythm rock solid. The song’s upbeat vibe is undeniably enticing, and it’s something that all music fans will appreciate. I hope it reaches a wide range of listeners.

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