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Today, we’re listening to music from Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill His latest release “Sing Out Loud” is an upbeat guitar-centric track that showcases the artist’s emotive performance style. This is Hill’s fourth single since he entered the music scene in early 2022. With over 100k streams on Spotify alone, the singer-songwriter has been making waves all across the globe with his dynamic vocals and unique composition style. “Sing Out Loud” features country/folk-style riffs and classic rock rhythms that will surely get you singing along by the end!

You wake up to the sound of music once again / The tune was so clear playing in your head / Another day, another chance to make it right / To step out from behind the smile where you hide”. A mellow beginning sets the tone for Hill’s five-minute track through his heartfelt writing. He is very innovative with his melodies, yet grasps the listeners attention by touching on what seems familiar too. Accompanied by soothing string instruments and a soft beat initially, Hill exhibits his moving vocals exquisitely here.

As the song progresses, Hill continues singing over an upbeat groove about overcoming obstacles and coming out stronger. There is a sense of relief in his words and the way he translates these emotions into his performance is truly inspiring. Moreover, the intricate composition and production of the track makes the narrative stand out really well. Hill channels the sound of his hometown Galway through his music, and I must say, he has portrayed it beautifully; very soothing and energetic at the same time!

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