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Hannah Dorman – Fake Heartache | Heart of your Being

Hannah Dorman, a Surrey-based Pop/Rock singer-songwriter, has released her new track “Fake Heartache,” which is a massive hit. She nailed it with her slamming, powerful vocal delivery that smacked you in the face right immediately. The songwriting is superb, with the strength of the lyrics already present. The value of self-esteem is reflected in the lyrics, and this is essentially conveyed confidently in the expressions. Hannah Dorman performed an outstanding job with the tone in order to make the listeners feel the impact. Her dynamics pierced through the overall intensity in her delivery and she absolutely dominated the song. As she says some bold lines, she comes out as strong, empowered, and very convincing.

The drums set the tone right away with a hard-hitting, massive tone that instantly energises you. Through the songs, the guitars have had such a tremendous influence. The throbbing synth keeps the energy flowing. The bass also lends intensity to the low end of the song, keeping it tight and rock strong. The majority of the songs have a smooth arc, which makes transitions seamless, and as the song progresses to new sections, the intensity level continues to rise. Significantly, the vocal delivery elevates the song and distinguishes the album. In addition, the composition has had a significant influence on how listeners interpret the whole experience. The track’s force will undoubtedly excite listeners with good sentiments, allowing them to form a deeper connection with the song in the future.

In addition, we have an interview with Hannah Dorman, who talks about her experience writing the song, her recording sessions, and her next projects.

1. How did you come up with the brilliant song “Fake Heartache”?

I wrote this song about that feeling you get when you stop talking to someone or stop dating someone when it wasn’t that serious. You feel a bit sad or lost but it’s not really heartache, it’s a fake heartache! I wanted this to focus on self love and finding your worth when you’re single. “But oh what can I say, I’ve taken your place” saying I’m now putting my time and energy into me, not into you. I wanted to put a fun twist on the feelings you go through when dating as it’s such an emotional time with so many ups and downs, but is so healing at the same time. “I’m not your average girl, I ain’t gunna promise you the world”.

2. I was really blown away by your singing performance. I’m wondering as to how you prepared for the vocal recording sessions for the song.Was there any difficulty or was it all joy singing the song because the enthusiasm stayed steady throughout?

Thank you so much! I actually recorded this live on TikTok back in the summer and those who watched will know it was challenging! When singing this song live I sang it softer with the acoustic guitar, but I knew for the recording I wanted it to be hard hitting and I wanted to belt so I made sure to reference my vocal training from music college and I really pushed myself. It was so fun to record as the lyrics have a lot more sass than my other songs and I really wanted to make sure that came across in the vocal recording. 

3. Would you like to discuss the songwriting process?

I wrote this song quite a while ago and I’ve had the ideas for a long time. I usually play around with chords and melodies on the guitar, record them into my phone and revisit them later. I also write lyrics/phrases or just random sentences about how I’m feeling on my phone and when I have these melodies I look at them to see which fits, then create a story around them! Usually for me the chords & melody comes first, then the lyrics last.

4. As the song develops, the arrangement keeps us glued to our seats.Anything you made sure of when composing and scribbling down arrangement and production ideas?

To be completely honest with you I sent a raw vocal track and acoustic guitar off to Matt O’Grady who I’ve worked with many times before and he created the magic that is the track! I said I wanted it to be more poppy than my other songs, more focused on synths etc and he absolutely smashed it! Matt’s worked with You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Don Broco and so many more amazing bands and artists. 

5. What can fans look forward to from the next songs? Do you have anything to say about your forthcoming projects?

Next year will be music music music! I really focused on building my TikTok following this year which has been so fun but now I’m ready to write and release loads of music. I’ve been co-writing with my good friend Ivon Roberts (who’s an incredible artist & songwriter), we went to a songwriting camp together in the summer and we’re off to another in the spring so expect bops after bops in 2022!

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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