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Cry Red – Vertigo (Acoustic) | Real and Uncomplicated

Cry Red, a London-based pop rock band, have released an acoustic rendition of their original song “Vertigo.” The original version, on the other hand, had a considerably heavier arrangement with its own characteristics that made you adore the song. The acoustic version is now more than simply a ripped version for an unplugged radio session; it has its own thoughts and perspectives infused in it. The tone and sensation remained unadulterated and unprocessed. As a consequence, even if you liked the original song, this rendition will undoubtedly strike a new chord with you. There can’t be any comparisons because the versions and arrangements were created from totally different viewpoints. The dynamics are present in the acoustic versions.

The song begins with a pleasant violin melody line and a simple strum that establishes the appropriate tone for the vocals to enter. The string parts provide a lot of emotional complexity to the arrangement, yet they never overpower the vocal melody. You feel more connected to the voices as a result of the track’s suitable delayering. Probably because it now talks directly to you, and the listener’s focus is entirely on the lyrics, with no delicious diversions. The composition and lyrics, in particular, are essentially powerful enough to keep the experience interesting. The dynamics contribute significantly to the song’s expressiveness, which I am sure listeners would appreciate.

Cry Red also gave us some insight into the song’s original form as well as the acoustic version. Take a glance at them here.

  1. What prompted you to write the song “Vertigo”? How did you go about writing your song?

“Vertigo” was co-written by the band, grown from a simple piano and guitar arrangement in a rehearsal studio into the epic pop rock song that is the finished track. The lyrics and vocal melody were written by singer Jayson Keeler, telling his own personal story of dealing with distance, uncertainty, yet hope within a relationship.

  1. What aspects of the original version of “Vertigo” did you make sure to keep and add to the acoustic version?

The idea behind “Vertigo (Acoustic)” was to embrace the same powerful vocal and instrumental melodies of the original whilst maintaining the intimacy of an unplugged radio session, so imagine the band playing live with acoustic guitars and a small string section. To make the track stand out from the original, “Vertigo (Acoustic)” was therefore stripped down, but with particular emphasis on maximising the powerful dynamics that work between the vocals, acoustic guitars and strings.

3. What is your song writing and recording process like in general? Do you have any amusing tales you’d want to share while we’re recording the song?

Our usual song writing and recording process is taking a basic musical idea and developing it together in a studio or remotely at home, as has been the case in the last 18 months, sharing files and ideas even as basic as a recording taken on a mobile phone. Cry Red have been working with British producer Tim Wills for a few years now and were lucky enough to have completed our debut album just before the lock down hit in early 2020, but then for those new recordings that we have released since, we have had the fortune to be able to draw on Tim’s extensive producing experience to pull together our ideas and produce the songs to meet the band’s expectations. During the process of producing “Vertigo (Acoustic)”, Tim Wills joined the British Indie Rock band “Shed Seven”, now preparing to embark on a big UK tour followed by European festivals in 2022.

4. Which bands and musicians have had the most influence on you?

Cry Red’s signature epic pop rock guitar lines blended with powerful yet intimate vocal melodies span decades of influence ; a fusion of contemporary indie pop rock with traditional rock echoes global influences from U2 to Coldplay to Manic Street Preachers, and that’s just the start…

5. What might fans anticipate from your next releases?

Having spent 2020 promoting the band’s debut album on line, followed by further singles in 2021 including “One Way Streets (Remix) and “Vertigo (Acoustic)”, Cry Red’s focus is now very much on developing new songs for release in 2022. You can expect brand new songs that will again feature heartfelt words and infectious melodies, but songs that will also sound fresh, drawing on the band’s ever-growing song writing experience and musical influences. To support new releases in 2022, Cry Red are looking to expand on our growing fanbase worldwide through live shows and increased online exposure, which to date has seen Cry Red amass over 60,000 album streams on Spotify alone, as well as support from international press.

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