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“Drop A Pin” by Sharod Virtuoso: A winding journey of slow rap

Sharod Virtuoso was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a GRAMMY-nominated and platinum-selling producer, singer/songwriter, and the lead guitarist for Atlanta-based band The Band of Brothas, who have toured the world with numerous artists/acts. In his latest release, “Drop A Pin”, he introduces a fresh, new rap style to his repertoire of critically well-received music. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Virtuoso delivers a song that connects with raw passion and musical prowess, thanks to his strong ear for harmonies and masterful command of his craft. The listener is quickly engulfed in a sea of beautiful melodies from the first touch of the guitar. The guitar riffs, like raindrops on a sunny evening, elicit nostalgia and introspection. They lay the groundwork for the song, propelling it forward and filling it with an irresistible groove. The melodies are skillfully made, demonstrating Virtuoso’s ability to mix numerous inspirations into a unified and artistically gratifying experience.

The emphasis on vocals is one of the song’s distinctive characteristics. The song benefits from a singing-heavy style, with Virtuoso’s soulful grace floating through the airways. His vocal performance possesses an impressive range and great emotional depth, effortlessly expressing the soul of the lyrics.

The mix strikes a delicate balance, allowing each element to occupy its own space within the sonic landscape. The guitar, vocals, and rap verses coexist harmoniously, each contributing to the song’s overall tapestry. The mastering brings forth a polished sound, ensuring that every note and lyric is delivered with clarity and impact.

All in all, I loved listening to “Drop A Pin” by Sharod Virtuoso! Check out the song here:

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