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jeffrey chan - distance
jeffrey chan - distance

Jeffrey Chan’s New Indie Pop Release “Distance” Is An Earworm!

Jeffrey Chan, a Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter/producer, has a standout approach that combines new wave and synth-pop influences. Jeffrey’s music is a combination of deep vocals against an electronic soundtrack, ranging from classical piano instruction at the age of five to blending piano training with modern pop music. Jeffrey’s hands-on involvement, from writing to visuals, ensures his creative vision shines through and through.  He stands out with his inventive music and dedication to his artistic vision, garnering over a million streams in the last two years.

“Distance,” Jeffrey Chan’s latest single, is a laid-back gem that simply draws you in. The indie-pop single with electronic undertones begins with appealing synth work, which is progressively accompanied by chill beats and a rhythmic bassline. The addictive beats instantly boost the mood. I was tapping my fingers and vibing all through the song. 

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Jeffrey’s vocals are at the heart of the song, seemingly tailor-made for the song. His delivery radiates profundity and passion. The way he has managed the pitch variations and the ebb and flow of the song is truly commendable.  The lyrics, set against a catchy musical arrangement, explore themes of longing, desire, and a craving for connection, making the song not only an earworm but resonant.  You will be singing along the chorus lines, “I think about us always going the distance.”

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Whether you’re on a solo vibe session or driving down the road, “Distance” by Jeffrey Chan is that companion you’ll want on your playlist. It is the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you just need to feel the music.

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Enjoy listening to “Distance” by Jeffrey Chan here.

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