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Soft romance with a mesmerising solo: “Sweet Romantic” by Tony Lio

Tony Lio was born and brought up in Central New Jersey, and his musical influences include rock to pop, soul to indie. There is no limiting Tony Lio as he seeks to build a reputation for himself in music, with musical structures evocative of Soundgarden and Ghost and lyrical substance reminiscent of Hozier and James Bay. With his latest single, “Sweet Romantic”, he leaves more than just a mark on the ear. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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Idylically romantic from the word ‘go’, “Sweet Romantic” starts out slow– with instruments starting to flood your eardrums, with the wafty, spacey vocals making their entry at exactly the right time. As the song starts developing, you have a dark, yet passionate sound that reminded me of the phonk legend “After Dark” (by Mr. Kitty) in terms of the melodic arrangement– but made so fierily romantic, it left me intrigued.

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The buildup continues, with the lead guitar continuing to bring in the energy, until Tony explodes into a solo that tugged at my strings beautifully, almost as if to mark the perfect confluence to this song. The production is full, varied, and leaves no stone unturned in being a showcase of skill and talent. As the outro chorus draws the song to a close, I got to experience the warm, wide soundstage that left not much in the way of vagueness; an almost clinical quality to the mix that I came to quite appreciate.

With “Sweet Romantic”, Tony Lio hits it right on the mark in terms of creating a song with a powerful message. Check out the song here!

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