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Summer Rain-Hold Her Hand
Summer Rain-Hold Her Hand
Summer Rain-Hold Her Hand

Summer Rain-Hold Her Hand | Sanguine

I Want To Hold Your Hand was featured in The Beatles 1964 classic album Meet The Beatles! After that legendary display of complete melodic harmony, most songs about boys wanting to hold their significant other’s hand have been lackluster. Until Canadian indie group Summer Rain released their single Hold Her Hand.

As the name suggests, the song is a lament about the distance between the woman he loves & him. However, no whining and complaining- Summer Rain strike the right chords with energy & distortion to sing the way rockstars do. The song is smooth sailing, up-tempo, and composes cool chords with a healthy mix of rock as well as roll.

The instruments sound polished & refined, the punchy drums standing out with the guitars in sight & Will McLelland’s vocals sounding sublime in this track. They sound like a smorgasbord of elements from Kings of Leon, Keane & of course Oasis. There is a short but sweet solo packed into the track as well. Summer Rain kick up dust from nostalgia avenue with their sound & lyrics- melancholy yet neutralized with the flow of the instruments.

There has been an assortment of artists changing the mist of sounds that surround us. Some choose to embrace the change they see, while some retain their initial spirit. If this is Summer Rains initial spirit, you can be very excited to hear what’s in store from them. It might be a great journey & you don’t have to worry. Summer Rain will guide you across holding your hand.

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