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"Jackie O Lake" Petra Jasmiina
"Jackie O Lake" Petra Jasmiina
"Jackie O Lake" Petra Jasmiina

“Jackie O Lake” – Pop Ballad On The Struggle For Dreams by Petra Jasmiina

Petra Jasmiina, the Finnish indie pop singer-songwriter, and producer based in New York City, has crafted a musical gem that would capture your heart. Her latest release, “Jackie O Lake” mixes elements of a pop ballad with neo-classical cinematic sprinkling. Her music in general also incorporates electronic and folk music to craft vivid narrative musical stories that find beauty in the daily struggles of life.

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Hailing from Helsinki, from an early age, Petra has been honing her songwriting skills. Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Florence and the Machine have been her influences. She has lived in many nations finally basing herself out of the Big Apple, and establishing her presence in the NYC music scene.

The song opens with an enchanting vocal melody by Petra Jasmiina and delicate piano chords, gradually building momentum with the addition of low-end string section. The drums rise to create anticipation, perfectly complementing the heartfelt lyrics that delve into the challenges of pursuing success in music or any other endeavor.

The standout aspects of the track are the exceptional violin by Scott Tran and the tasteful drums. As the song progresses, listeners might find themselves reminded of the melodic and vocal prowess of Ellie Goulding, as Petra weaves a captivating musical tale. The lyrics of “Jackie O Lake” paint a picture of a bustling city filled with dreamers and aspirants, where the struggle for recognition and identity is a constant battle. In “Jackie O Lake,” Petra Jasmiina showcases her remarkable ability to create music that would resonate with all who are struggling towards a goal worth fighting for.

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