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Fuzzy, distorted guitars with soaring vocals galore on “Give It All Away” by Garland Kelley

Garland Kelley, a Nashville-based modern rock artist and music producer, blends classic rock influences with a contemporary perspective to craft his unique sound. Having established himself in Nashville’s live music scene, he now strives to establish his own identity as an original artist. With the launch of “Give It All Away”, his most captivating work to date, he experiments with fuzzy, melody-heavy guitars, served with a dash of zesty vocals to go. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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Drawing inspiration from classic 80s-90s rock and metal, Kelley infuses his music with an energetic sound. The track features clever riffing work that instantly grabs attention and keeps you engaged throughout. Each guitar lick and chord progression is meticulously crafted, showcasing Kelley’s exceptional musicianship– and there is so much to like here! From the dynamics of the song that go from level to level with buttery smooth transitions, to the groove of the song that finds you bobbing to the beat right from the very first second, seeing you through all the way to the very end.

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The production Give It All Away is what I would characterise as charismatic, so much so that the room that gets created for the refrain section of the song, as it picks back up into its electric hook is beautifully spaced. The fuzz on the guitars complements Kelley’s sung style excellently, with the drummer coming in clutch on occasions to bring even more drama to your two ears.

Overall, I think “Give It All Away” by Garland Kelley deserves a spot in your playlists this week. Check out the song here:

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