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Leeroy Stagger - Does Anybody Live Here?
Leeroy Stagger - Does Anybody Live Here?

Leeroy Stagger – Does Anybody Live Here? | Inspiring

Leeroy Stagger is a dad, singer-songwriter, producer, maker and radio host. His music comes straight from the heart, having written about environmental degradation, greedy land developers, Christmas songs about Junkies and Alcoholics, race wars in America, modern dat dust bowl songs of fleeing political ideology, break up songs and songs honouring his dead friends.

Leeroy Stagger has the one of the smoothest voices I’ve heard and it just fits so perfectly into his music. Does Anybody Live Here? is a track that perfectly encapsulates this. With an instrumental that sounds very Dire Straits like, his vocals add to it just like Mark Knopfler’s on any Straits tracks.

The acoustic elements create this homely atmosphere, that is accentuated and highlighted by the slide instruments. Leeroy Stagger is an artist who understands his audience. He lays himself bare, especially in tracks like Does Anybody Live Here? where he talks about a relationship, or the lack thereof. It seems as if he’s talking to someone who isn’t there anymore, and the pain of dealing with it results in some unreasonable wanting of someone to come back when they’re clearly not.

I highly rate Leeroy and think he deserves way more recognition. Go and stream his music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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