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Chemical Decibel | Trip Sitter | Psychedelic Trance
Chemical Decibel | Trip Sitter | Psychedelic Trance

Trip Sitter’s “Chemical Decibel” Unleashes a Psychedelic Odyssey Through the Mind.

Psychedelic music is produced with the primary intention of catalyzing your psychotropic experience and giving it direction! That being said, there are multiple sub genres under the wonderful umbrella of psychedelic music. I now invite you to a very special psychedelic journey led by no other than the musical genius Trip Sitter himself. ‘Chemical Decibel’ is a voyage filled with twisted melodies, delicate arrangements, and mind bending sound design that will transport the listener into a world of mystery, awe, wonder and delight.

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In your hand you now hold the interpretation of a “Ramsa” by Trip Sitter. An abstract journey for your amusement. Ramsor/ramsa is a type of folk poetry based on rhythmic enumerations, often without meaning or context. An abstract journey in words, sounds and rhythm, occasionally with the purpose of amusement and storytelling, wrapped in lightning or with a cautionary tale! Doesn’t this aptly describe the entire genre of psychedelic music!

Trip Sitter is the musical child of space traveler Samuel Harnischmacher. With his moving basslines and quirky sounds he has across the years explored the borders of outer and inner space.. Trip Sitter is now back with another tale of knob tweaking, soundscaping and mind bending, This new album ‘Chemical Decibel’ is a dimensional journey into the beyond. Exploring the uncharted areas of the subconscious.

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Trip Sitter takes you on a journey through beautiful landscapes, coloured forests and mysterious spaces in between. Psycho-surfing on endless mindscapes and finding their way through the sessions at the racetrack, leaving every tune with it’s own journey. The leads are amazing with a lot of trill between the semi tones giving it a weird wavy effect that just keeps them interesting throughout. The pyschedelic ramblings of Terence Mckenna that you happen to hear accross the album are a nice touch to keep the listener grounded while having a very intense experience.

Overall this is a pandimensional vessel that you can use at your will to transport yourself to various dimensions and party with the machine elves.

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