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Ian David Green – Songs from the Wheel  |  Heartfelt Folk & Americana

Folk & Americana artist Ian David Green recently came out with his debut album, “Songs from the Wheel” – a 14-track album with 4 live bonus live tracks that showcase contemporary folk and acoustic music in a unique, yet relatable style. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Ian listened to well-loved artists such as Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen. He started releasing singles and EPs in 2020 and is known for his darker, lofi/electronica-inspired arrangements like the Songs of the Electric Night EP. He released an album titled “Songs of the Sea” as a tribute to the artist’s late father. It blended modern folk with strings, brass, percussion, keyboards, and synthesizers; also marked Ian’s transition into a more ‘acoustic’ sound.

Songs from the Wheel Album Tracklist

The album begins with an acoustic-guitar driven track called Antony and Cleopatra Head for the Highlands. Ian shares a beautifully written story about the classic William Shakespeare play – Anthony and Cleopatra in his own words; the top-notch lyricism and an engaging performance! “I came for the view, I got caught in a hurricane”

Chelsea Hotel #3 is introduced with a mellow guitar progression over which the singer-songwriter sings a melancholic tune and seems to reminisce about a past experience. “I told you to hold back the day / And not let the dawn in / Knowing we’d both get away / Into the morning”. Ian’s songwriting style is inspired by the folk greats, and his sure does know how to tell a story!

Track three, The Story of Lazarus has a very modern sound to it right from the start. With a soft bass and an emotive guitar melody, Ian’s vocals are gracefully emphasized along with rich string instrumentation as well; a beautiful composition written with a lot of heart. “You roamed the alleys like a stranger Clutching rags in your hands A shepherd searching for a manger A child who reads words he cannot understand”

Swallows begins with a bright guitar and a deep bass. With a somewhat upbeat instrumental intro, Ian takes centre stage as he sings a soothing melody about the timeline of life from his perspective. As the track progresses, a vibrant arrangement of guitars play with one another excellently; a classic mix of heartfelt vocals and acoustics!

Track five, Wedding Song features an eclectic mix of instruments – something Ian is known to incorporate in his songs from time to time. He sings a soothing tune over piano melodies, guitars and a lovely mix of percussions. The track revolves around a simple, yet very effective melody that makes it sound very relatable, almost like you’ve heard the song before, but not quite. Ian translates a lot of what he’s inspired by into his music and adds a lot of his own special ingredients to create exquisite songs.

“My mother was a drunken whore / With dogs I slept upon the floor / The sewer by the open door / The only river I could ever see”. The Songs from the Wheel album takes a slightly dark turn as Ian shares a dark and very emotive story in The Robber’s Tale. Accompanied by soft strings, guitars and beautiful harmonies, he sings with a lot of passion; his best vocal performance so far.

White Sand/Black Star begins with a slow, laid-back intro – “Mary I’m tired / Of walking on wires / And wiping the dust from my eyes”. The track has a little bit of everything – psychedelic rock, nostalgia-infused lyrics, an engaging 3/4 rhythm and a bunch of ear candy. Ian’s unique production and composition style can be well-appreciated in this track.

Track eight, The Place Where My Heart Lives is a three-minute instrumental played by banjos, strings and a bass. It has a very folksy sound to it and a lot of emotion in the melody; plays just like one of Ian’s stories that are heart-warming and relatable.

On Rainbows, Ian seems to share his vulnerable side by singing a melody about his introspective journey. A delicate female vocal supports him in the chorus and is accompanied by his favourite acoustic guitar. The track also features a brilliantly played harmonica lead, the sure highlight of this emotional four-minute-long track.“ I came to a hollow of maple and aspen / Ringed by a sun-dappled stream / Jesus was waiting, drinking beer and sun-bathing / The most beautiful thing I have seen”.

The album ends with The Wheel – an acoustic-guitar driven song in which the veteran songwriter relates a variety of roles and duties people have in life to the gears of the wheel. The about six-minute-long track features a mix of exquisite acoustics, hard-hitting lyrics, heartfelt melodies and beautifully composed instrumentals. Ian bids farewell after having shared an amazing set of compositions. He’s a storyteller, musician, and overall, an honest and hardworking artist who will have the entire world hearing his songs very soon!

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