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Peter Uher-New Reality
Peter Uher-New Reality
Peter Uher-New Reality

Peter Uher-New Reality | More than all that jazz

There are genre fusions. There are intra-genre relations that give birth to exciting sounds that are rare to hear. The third category is chasing fumes of otherworldly delight. That is where this artist, Peter Uher comes in. His latest album is a compilation of his work through the years, a debut that tries to create his own envelope with the fragments of sound. This is a New Reality.

For a short track, Mirror Door is your transcendental portal to Peter’s dimensions. Mere mortals cannot walk through this door, so Peter holds it open for you. It is a confluence of jazz, rock and classical strokes you witness, in a all out medley of leviathan proportions. Exciting, raw and real-you can hear every note as it was composed, as the other instruments dance around the protagonist.

To create a flow like a brooks’ babble, Peter chooses and uses a traditional foundation. The gentle whisper of the flute & soft sax guide the track, Look Ahead. His guitar comes in smoothly, in due course of time, carrying with it the magnanimous effect of a leading dancer. The drama, penchant for frills and flourishes is still there, albeit in a new tempo and style. Time seems to melt away by the time the solo acoustic moments create ambient shells for the guitar to caress.

What will be tomorrow is the track that now includes parts of ambient progressive. Hopefully you catch the subtle changes listening on your headphones, because they are a psychedelic introduction in the track. The beats have a dissonant echo while the guitar gets by on its minimal pizzazz, creating a layered approach to ambience.

Building to the name

The title track is a jazz fusion number, with an addictive progression by the bass and the guitar. The drums shine as well, as the silent spine of the song, ever adapting. The tone changes are incredible, truly a sound to behold. The shift in the song is not only unexpected, but an exciting approach to song composition, with different instruments taking the lead every time. A prog-jazz number if you will, by the time the mid-point rolls around, we’re in a Silencers song. The solo jam at the end has to be heard several times to be believed.

Vivien’s Dream is a wonderful short track, with the saxophone taking the cake. The guitar gently dances around this, with cat’s feet as it takes no attention away. A track that just melts through the fog and rests in your head for a while. With an R&B approach, Recently is Peter Uher’s sound palette cleanser. It makes the required impact, the strings echoing through to create a beautiful loop that melts through the framework of the song. Second by second, the track bleeds through.

Riverse is what you would expect to hear, a song that sounds just as intense and unbelievable in reverse. The magic of jazz being the unpredictable nature of it. All the instruments dance with their destiny in mind, in control of the notes almost. It is a long, progressive track with plenty elements to unpack. Peter Uher closes the album with a simple Epilogue that seems to weld fragments of his favorite sounds together, with another enchanting tone on his guitar.

If this is his debut, I am excited to hear what a young artist like this has in store for us. He has not only stitched a continuous tapestry of fabric for experimentation, but composed it to a level that everyone can appreciate this art. This is a new reality we would choose to explore.

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