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Scarlet Mill - Sinking Man | Musical Ride
Scarlet Mill - Sinking Man | Musical Ride

Scarlet Mill – Sinking Man | Musical Ride

Scarlet Mill is a fantastic musical duo of two ardent and experienced artists who together have been creating worthwhile music for quite some time now. With a vibrant mix of eclectic dreamwave and European Americana, their music offers deeply complex and artistic motifs that make for a great exploratory piece.

Recently, Scarlet Mill released a song called Sinking Man, a vivid and gorgeous track that lets you see things clearly and also offers an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The song offers some beautiful musical motifs that are intricately woven together. In some places, you will find a lot of texture in the sounds while in others, the music just seems to flow effortlessly. The beauty of the song lies in its complexities that only artistic minds can produce. The gorgeous and luscious sounds offer a wide ground for your imagination to bubble up and become a comforting sheath for your sentiments. Sounds, acoustic and slightly psychedelic in nature, offer a mystical world for you to delve into and act as an escape from the noise and at the same time the solitude that comes with living in this world. 

Great production ensures that the quality and impact of the song are elevated manifolds and makes you see things on a larger scale. Your perspective about the music and the song itself changes throughout the song and continues to do so for the first few times you listen to the song. And this is the beauty of this track, that it keeps you engaged, effortlessly.

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