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Edward Sansom | Saturday | Alternative Rock | Raw | Singer-Songwriter
Edward Sansom | Saturday | Alternative Rock | Raw | Singer-Songwriter

Edward Sansom – Saturday | Raw

UK songwriter and producer Edward Samson produces a raw and provocative take on Alternative Rock. His music is highly charged, with lyrics that draw you in with its depth and complexity while still making you jump around your room!

Let’s begin with the scale of his unconstrained ambition which means that nothing is out of bounds for Sansom. Ambition is one thing but the ability to pull it off is quite something else. Multi-instrumentalist Edward Sansom does so, thanks in part to his sheer versatility and technical brilliance which allows him to play virtually everything on this single. Whether hitting the kit or tinkling the ivories, he would appear to be a master of all trades. Although, it is his searing guitar that is particularly extraordinary and you have to check it out to believe it. Not content with taking responsibility for ninety-nine per cent of the music, he also delivers the lyrics with an awe-inspiring voice. Topping it all off, he excels behind the desk on production duties. We should question whether it’s legal to have so much talent across such a broad spectrum of activities.

What stands out in this raw single ‘Saturday’ is the multitude of breaks with precision timing. They add so much movement to the music and an element of surprise every single time. It shows the prowess Sansom has over the arrangement. Also an in depth understanding of how to keep the listener excited and on their toes.

Sansom is unnervingly ambitious and versatile which undoubtedly marks him out as one to watch and we can probably be certain that any future release will never be mundane. Allied to that, you have his technical brilliance, a voice and musical ability across a wide range of instruments that some investigations should be taking place around whether a deal has been made at midnight at the crossroads.

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