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Laurelight – Connected EP

British artist Laurelight released an EP in 2021 titled – “Connected”. Two songs from this EP, “Stuck In A Moment” and “Magic” were released as singles in 2020. This marked the beginning of Laurelight’s career. The artist focuses on one main concept, as mentioned in his Spotify bio, “The darker it gets, the brighter it becomes”. Let’s see what this EP has to offer.

EP Track List

The 12-minute long EP opens with a song reminiscent of Tame Impala’s, “Stuck In A Moment”. Vocal harmonies open the song, which is sound real nice and unique. Multiple synth samples used in this track hint at the album’s theme. It seems Laurelight sounds are an amalgamation of a bunch of modern pop sounds, perhaps even some OP-X synthesizer patches from the disco era.

The next track, “Magic”, opens up again with strong vocals and will snare you in with electronic drums and bass synths. Although similar instruments are used in this track, the form seems to be slightly different. It’s really nice how the chorus structure is off-beat and gives it a completely different flavor as compared to “Stuck In A Moment”. Maybe I’m mentioning disco too much, but this is the most disco-like track on the EP. It’s hard not to love that synth lead towards the end of the song! A great selection of tones and wonderful performance.

In contrast to the previous tracks, the third track, “Rainbow”, has a mellower energy level. Laurelight talks about sadness and the process of overcoming it. He seems really optimistic in his lyrics. The vocal harmonies on this track have been structured really well. In addition to the vocals, the detuned synth melody is also quite interesting, definitely worth a listen. I personally think it could have ended better, the slowed, pitched-down fade seems unnecessary.

“Password”, the final track starts pretty mellow, similar to some of The Weeknd’s tracks and then the electronic drums come in and it kinda sounds like the track is getting slower in tempo. The hip-hop groove blends in well with the processed vocals in the bridge, and the track ends strong with all the elements coming together in the outro. The line, “you’re the password that I need, you’re the only one who I trust…”, really catches my attention on this track. Laurelight definitely has a knack for unique lyrics!

In Conclusion

Since it’s a solo project and has so many creative ideas, “Connected” is really an impressive listen. Laurelight has captured the essence of contemporary pop and made it his own in this EP. I think synthpop fans should surely give these tracks a listen. The use of synths and other electronic elements is really innovative and could be a source of inspiration.

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