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Wesson-Understand | As the ink dries

This is the first page. The first few iron cast letters in ink hitting the bond sheet. Wesson make their catalogue debut with their first single, Understand. It aims to put them somewhere on our minds’ cartesian plane, give some meaning to them with respect to us. Luckily, they can climb our charts quite quick.

Unbridled alt-rock energy is dissipated by this group. Inspired by the likes of the post-punk movement with a healthy dose of Sum-41, blink-182 but more nuanced, Wesson carry their wax seal with them. The instrumentals clock themselves with the solid beat, the vocals draw attention like a cone . The chorus is something I imagine a whole herd of people yelling at the top of their voice at the end of their show. Did I say end? Yes, because bands save their best for last-an encore for the memory.

This track might only be close to 2 and a half minutes, but delivers on all fronts. Cocked and ready before they hit record, Wesson understand you’ve come to their front porch only to be blown away to the end of the pathway. They’ve made solid progress in creating a young fan base that remembers this kind of music, prohibiting the monotony of pop from taking over.

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