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SAVOY ELLIS – The Love Album

At first glance, “The Love Album” draws your attention with its seemingly simple premise; but for Savoy Ellis to have turned such an oft-talked concept into a legitimate bop is no small feat.

Lush soundscapes conquer your ears on “Love’s Light” like the adrenaline rush that love is to many; setting the stage for the violins in the background to sing, for lack of a better term. And sing, they do– beautiful harmonies and technique shine throughout the one-minute intro track– leading perfectly into “Over and Over Again”, just about the perfect track to unwind to with that somebody very special. Ellis’ and Blaze’s (of The Voice fame) vocals take centre stage here, with the adeptness of their vocal delivery standing out as but a metaphor to the playful intoxicant love is. Anna Moore, as always a force with harmony, serves to be the cherry atop the cake on this record.

Come “Sunset Daydream”, and we’re greeted to a slightly more uptempo, modern presentation. Ellis handles his part brilliantly, with BRELAND just taking this tenner to an eleven. The drumming is tight, and the mix is well-presented; there is a feeling of oneness that permeates the entire track that makes it a worthy listen– like all the other tracks on this record.

“Maybe I’m Amazed” starts off on a smooth, polished note, and incorporates elements such as the tastefully written guitar licks; the engaging percussion section, and the overall atmosphere of the song makes it a perfect listen for when you need that something extra special playing out of your speakers while you sit at home and pour yourself a scotch. The soulful, moody vocal only further serves to complement the ensemble in perfect resonance, and there is a sense of nicety about the whole production. The midsection of the song sobers down a little to let the drummer’s chops shine through, and the whole section is very well done.

The record continues to serenade and entertain till you hit my personal favourite song from this album: the aptly named “Favorite Song”. Fun songwriting, intelligent arrangement and sonic choices, varied instrumentation; you name it, this track has it. Again, brilliantly presented and well put-together, a recurring theme with this album, if you’re listening to me.

The closer to this gem of an album is “Forever”, a slow ballad with Mark Echols Jr., a soulful introspection that only gets better with the subtle harmonies hidden all throughout the song, A treat for somebody that dares to look deep enough, and the variety that this album brings to the table is truly astounding. Worth a listen! Check it out here-

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