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Mr Sunshine-Full Force Mixtape
Mr Sunshine-Full Force Mixtape
Mr Sunshine-Full Force Mixtape

Mr Sunshine-Full Force Mixtape | Chronicle

In an age where the legacy of hip-hop is tainted with overused lyrics, remenant feelings, diss tracks and an oversaturation of the same kind of sound, Mr Sunshine does exactly what you would expect him to do. With the fresh rays of sunshine to the darkened space of mainstream hip-hop, Full Force Mixtape aims to bring the wonder years of old-school rap back.

The drive in dive in- The tracks

After the intro In our Skies, which consists of the ambient sound of rain and voiceover references that signal impending doom, Mr Sunshine launches into the rapmosphere. Collaborating with Dogman Rukus for the first track Time for War, Mr Sunshine delivers a track which is an impeccable combination of The Roots and MF Doom. Though it’s the first song, Time for War showcases the styles that Mr Sunshine and the group will experiment with. The steady beat is a tight groove, with the church acapella sound resonating throughout the track. Solid start.

Switching to a Wu-Tang/ A Tribe Called Quest sound, the electro-soul track is a lyrically heavier embarkation. With Mos Def’s intensity, 2nd Generation Wu and Mr Sunshine lay onto you a superb segue called Rescue You. Short and intense, the message gets across without any hurdles along the way.

Fusing energies with Feez for the next track, Mr Sunshine shifts to a Dr. Dre The Chronic like sound relying on the piano for the melody. Catchy and riveting to hear at the least, CODE 4 drops bars heavier than your precious metals, shoving this track to a higher level based on composition and narrative. Great track to listen to on repeat.

With Our Plan, the craftsmen slide into the next track with suave. There’s a solid script here and you need to read between the lines if you want the dig.

Authoring a climax

Can’t Stop Now is a monolith that cannot be budged, inspired by the likes of Nas & Biggie. The old school track has the spine and the muscle to push through, with lyrics like where’s the justice/I can’t dwell in the darkness, I’d rather bathe in the shine till I’m sun-kissed standing out. Incredible energy and poetry from Chedom & KingOsiris. To hold the gravitas of the lyrics, Mr Sunshine does a minimal echo in the back- with a tight beat that is reference through the track. The subdued synth sound creates an eerie sound that create goosebumps because of the heaviness of the lines.

Closing with the radio fuelled zeal of One Day, Feez & Mr Sunshine combine forces once again in the same album to drive the message home. The synth effects are ephemeral, seeming to absorb from one track to another. Know that one day you’ll see the sunshine. We see you Mr Sunshine, and that’s a heavy glow.

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