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AURORA BY NOON-Black Crosses in the Sun
AURORA BY NOON-Black Crosses in the Sun
AURORA BY NOON-Black Crosses in the Sun

AURORA BY NOON kick the debut doors open with power soaked album, “Black Crosses in the Sun”

Rock has always been in a need to regulate to the contemporary sound. AURORA BY NOON know how to rock it the right way. There is a reason you feel this special spice in their sound, and it’s because it’s a narrative told with a new story format. We’ve always loved rock, but not like this. This is their, let me assure you, perfect debut album. This one is called Black Crosses in the Sun. 

The trademark of an album is its opening. Spiritbox’s Eternal Blue was something else in that sense. With a debut album, AURORA BY NOON do this as well. Dirty Rules, Dirty Games immediately tell you how the rock will roll out. It is the scrapyard fire extinguisher you always waited for. The title track and attention to tone should tell you about their pedigree. Their explosive entry has a highlight spire of energy, and you’re forced to look up in awe. By the time you get to Reasons, you’re in love with their diverse rhythms and want to keep seeing where this genre can take them. 

Kick open the doors

Their next single has the same name as a QOTSA original. Just like that one, this might be one of their best songs on the album. From the distortion kick to the composition, you’re left heaving for breath. It is a superb style that they develop, with the verses being clear for the poetry, while keeping magnetic hooks. A kick-ass bass welcomes you with A Thousand Words, A Thousand Thorns. The rhythm section is one of the most impressive I’ve heard, the vocals soaring with style and panache. 

No More Crying is your alt-rock ballad that still keeps the riffs going. The lyrics may be as hard hitting as that opening riff, and you’re forced to headbang with joy. The tones really take you places, especially the narrative of overdrive webs they weave. AURORA BY NOON almost take a Foo Fighters’ kind of role with their storytelling, while still having Chino Moreno’s aggression. Floating Dead Wood shows us what they can do with a powerful rhythm change, highlights felt like the crisp attacks they are. Under Pressure is one of my favourite riff bearers, and I couldn’t help but try playing it on my guitar. Easily some of the greatest lyrics on the album as well. 

What they have made

When Dinosaurs will Die predicts the kind of reaction you’ll have to an extinction stage event. There is power and style, finesse in execution and writing. For a debut, they have got out all the guns on display, and oh boy, are they magnificent. From insecurities to a crumbling world and demons that plague us all, they touch creative bases with class. By the time you hear the whole album, you’ve seen a spectrum of sound maybe no other rock band has offered in a while. This is their legacy written, and it seems to be cast in gold. Listen to AURORA BY NOON with their glorious effort here:

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