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Wotts – Return Flight | Bouncy & Springy

Wotts, an Ottawa-based pop duo, has released their new single “Return Flight.” The music features enticing synthetic textures that considerably add to the overall ambiance. The words have a quirky quality to them. The vocal lines are very groovy phrases with a repeating nature. The space takes on a psychedelic vibe as a result of this. The songwriting is flowing and transitions between sections effortlessly, and the attitude shown in the lyrical framework is very effectively conveyed in the vocals, which is crucial in setting the tone. The voices seem so natural and unforced. Because of its catchy phrases, it truly holds our attention and keeps us in the sonic loop, which is fantastic.

The backbeat aspect of the groove is crucial to keeping everything in sync. The sound of an upright piano keeps the mood vibrant and energetic. The chorus also has a pretty nice sounding pads texture, which is highly appealing. The bass also keeps the pace flowing by tightening the bottom ends. The E. Piano sounded so appealing as the track approached the halfway point. Later, the soundscape was embellished with additional synthetic layers. Above all, I believe the mix has played a critical part in achieving clarity, which has a huge impact on our listening experience well with the track. The song is quite funky and has a swing to it that at least makes us want to dance with our shoulders. This emphasising feature, I’m sure, would pique the interest of the majority of listeners.

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