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Harry Kappen – Wargames | Eclectic Rock

If you’re a fan of classic rock and 90s pop, you’ll love the way Harry Kappen’s latest release “Wargames” effortlessly blends the two together. Based out of The Netherlands, Kappen is multi-instrumentalist, composer and music therapist who produces songs from his home studio. He is known for his eclectic composition style that includes a mix of genres like rock, pop, classical and ballads to name a few. Kappen started releasing music in 2022 and made his mark in the Dutch music scene with his debut album Escape; a 12-track record that talks about escaping reality through creativity and emotions. “Wargames” is another excellent addition to his discography, and it captures his authentic sound excellently.

From the moment the opening synth melody hits over a solid drum, it’s clear that this song is not your average rock track. The intro kicks off an exciting groove and the track has a very raw instrumentation; clean and classic. Kappen’s vocals are powerful and emotive, perfectly capturing his intimate writing style. The guitar work is brilliant, effortlessly navigating between driving rhythms and soaring solos as the track progresses.

What really sets “Wargames” apart is the song’s energetic and somewhat dramatic bridge section that consists of screeching guitars and upbeat drums. Kappen’s composition style is certainly different, and in the best way possible. With its intricate instrumentation, catchy choruses and driving guitars, “Wargames” is a top-notch record that’s a must-listen for classic rock/pop fans.

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