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The Trusted-Terrible Fight
The Trusted-Terrible Fight
The Trusted-Terrible Fight

The Trusted-Terrible Fight | Retrospect

The Trusted have a distinct sound by which they write the music they love. Steeped with electronic and live instrument magic, they represent the past as much as they do the future. Their latest single is another reason to why this band should be a mainstay in your playlist. This is called Terrible Fight.

With an arpeggio, spread out keys pattern-they begin. Their sound is a sharp contrast to bands that stay stuck in their ways. As you really absorb this like the sponge you should be, the sound travels to the back and forth we want. The drums pack a punch, the vocals are a warm invitation. The phasing synth background is joined by a crashing, exciting electric guitar handshake. Most of the verse is dominated with the fuzzy bass, as the keys make appearances as well. The chorus is a linen fabric of truth, marked with the experiences of love, life and longing. Like Keane, this band knows how to pull you in with their moving chorus parts.

Yet, you cannot fixate this to be The Trusted with their sound. Rebel Song carries a whole other way of looking at music. Vellichor is beyond words, as an attempt and song you find something unique every time. The school bond between this band is apparent in their aural chemistry-enviable but invigorating. They break the norm and form new ones. As a music fan, this is what you want to hear in music, a resurgence with a tip of the cap to the past. Listen to their superb single to feel the wave:

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