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George Lincoln – Cinematic Treats
George Lincoln – Cinematic Treats

George Lincoln – Cinematic Treats | Sonic Celluloid Tapestry

UK composer, producer, and classical vocalist George Lincoln has released a fine instrumental album of score music titled Cinematic Treats. In the UK, theatres and multimedia exhibitions including The Anvil Theatre (Basingstoke) and Faith In Strangers (Margate) have presented performances of his work . His love of the science fiction genre is evident in the frequent use of electronic instruments and contemporary music production methods in his works. This album consists of 10 instrumental songs and runs for 4 minutes. Most tracks run for about two minutes or less, sometimes three minutes, with the final song being five minutes.

The first opening track “Main Titles for a Sci Fi Show” starts the album with a bang! Choral and other electronic synths build tension to a grand symphonic chorus. The perfect intro track! Running in the Woods with its blend of strings and electronic synths and percussion followed by siren sounds truly creates a stunning sonic landscape. A Brief Flashback paints a happy vivid memory with its heavenly synths and strings. An aura of happiness and sweetness is generated. On Unfriended, we get a constant high note with the bass line establishing tension as a matter of factly piano lines plays. The music truly reflects this awkward and direct tense act of social media.

From social anxiety to love, Head over Heels with the apt organ and string lines establishes a light content melody showing the emotions when one is swept away by love. The point here is that the music underplays the emotion which is great since you would expect a grand over the top song. In a way, the song preempts the temporary and limited scope of this fleeting emotion. Music for a Menu Screen with its inane title, hides the deep emotional scope the minimal track paints which evokes purple sentiments. Nemoesque with its percussions and great incorporation of strings with guitars paints a celebratory picture. The aptly titled Jazz for Deep Thinking is a light club jazz track with pianos, light percussions which would relax you.

The penultimate instrumental track is the outro version of the first track Main Titles for a Sci Fi Show. The refrain reminds one of the stunning compositional prowess of George. Our Adventure Concludes brings an end to this awesome musical journey. Featuring strings and pianos, the song builds up to a beautiful and grand chorus which gives you goosebumps.

The album features a diverse sonic range of musical emotions and genres covered. While they’re rooted in contemporary classical, cinematic scores, and strings type of musical dialect, they feature electronic production and synths with a variety of percussions. Listening to film and visual media scores is any day better than the limited in musical scope records of popular genres these days with its vast variety and method of giving emotional expression to specific moods.

George Lincoln with his Cinematic Treats weaves a stunning tapestry of living breathing music.

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