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Lily Welch’s “Medicine” delivers emotional and inspiring acoustic performances

Lily Welch’s album Medicine is a stunning showcase of the singer-songwriter’s emotional depth and exceptional musical talent. With just six tracks, Welch manages to take listeners on a journey of love, loss, and growth, through a combination of introspective lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies.

Medicine Album tracklist:

Lily Welch’s Medicine opens with “This Way“, a melancholic track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Welch’s vocals are the centerpiece, as she sings about the complexities of love and the pain of moving on. The electronic drums and percussion give the track a modern feel, while the raw sound of Welch’s guitar and vocals create a raw, authentic sound.

Love Language” is a standout track, with lush vocal layers and minimal beats that create a haunting soundscape. Welch’s lyrics about falling in love are relatable and emotionally charged, while the deep bass tone and infectious rhythm give the track a seductive edge.

On “Unsettling,” Lily Welch powerfully reflects on the challenges of growing up while seamlessly blending pop-r&b beats and percussion to add vibrancy to the track. Her soothing yet impactful vocals exude a Billie Eilish-like quality that makes for a truly pleasurable listening experience.

Thought You Were The Only One” is arguably the album’s highlight, with a hard-hitting beat and confident lyricism that create a sense of urgency and passion. Welch’s vocal production is top-notch here, as she delivers a stunning performance throughout the track.

The Weight of It” is a perfect showcase of Welch’s minimalist approach to production, as she uses just a shaker percussion and bass guitar to create a wholesome, uplifting track. Welch sings about the importance of losing oneself and becoming free as we grow older and face the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Medicine ends with “Bring It Back“, a soothing acoustic performance that showcases Welch’s heartfelt writing and beautifully recorded guitars. Welch’s introspective lyrics about experiencing love, loss, life, and growth through introspection leave listeners with a sense of hope and healing.

Overall, Medicine is a triumph of singer-songwriter and acoustic music, with Welch’s exceptional talent shining through in every track. Welch’s goal of creating and sharing music that moves people has been achieved, as this album is sure to resonate with anyone who listens to it.

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