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Colette Maze
Colette Maze

Colette Maze, 108, Created History by Becoming the Oldest Pianist to Ever Record an Album

Colette Maze played the piano for over a century and is still sharing her marvelous art. She was born in France on June 16, 1914, only a few weeks before the First World War.

A new record of performances by the pianist is soon to be released this spring. In a recent interview, Colette Maze revealed to Le Figaro that her upcoming album, 108 Years of Piano, would include piano compositions by Gershwin, Piazzolla, Schumann, and Debussy.

Colette has been engulfed in music for over a century. She first heard younger members of her family’s upstairs neighbours playing the piano when she was two years old. Her parents decided to enroll her in piano lessons after she started to play the songs herself with one finger.

When Colette Maze was 15 years old, she was granted admission to the famed École Normale de Musique in Paris, where she studied under the tutelage of illustrious instructors Alfred Cortot and Nadia Boulanger.

She has resided in an apartment on the 14th floor of a Parisian building with views of the Seine since she was 18 years old. She spent many years teaching music, and the piano remained her constant friend and solace throughout the years.

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The Hard Part …

Colette Maze released her debut album when she was 84 years old. Then, at the age of 103, she recorded a compilation of pieces by Debussy, her favourite composer. It is anticipated that she will release new records in the spring that demonstrate her extraordinary breadth of talent and intelligence.

Maze claims that she still practices the piano for four hours every day and that she has remarkable mobility, dexterity, and health.

“The hard part,” according to the artist, “Is keeping up regular practice. The 108-years-old continued, “You have to practise a lot… at school you have to train your mind every day, but that goes so quickly, if you don’t practise regularly.”

Upon being questioned about her drive to play her instrument and compose new music, Maze simply says: “Because it’s my life… the piano is a friend.”

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