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ILLUZIONS "Back & Forth"
ILLUZIONS "Back & Forth"
ILLUZIONS "Back & Forth"

ILLUZIONS’ “Back & Forth” Blend of Aura and Sound With Perfect Techno Pop

ILLUZIONS’ latest release, “Back & Forth,” is a true gem that showcases the duo’s ability to seamlessly blend emotion and sound. This techno electronic pop song is both catchy and ethereal, featuring stunning vocals by Bayla G and excellent electronic production by Felium. Bayla G and Felium are the co-founders of ILLUZIONS, an audiovisual electronic pop duo.

Felium is an electronic audiovisual producer and DJ from Spain, currently living in Miami. Bayla G is a singer/songwriter, producer, and audiovisual artist from the US, also living in Miami with roots in indie/acoustic music. The duo first met in college and have teamed up with a shared musical music after working together over the years.

The track begins with an ambient synth pop vibe, and as the song progresses, the beat turns groovy while still keeping the otherworldly aura intact with a mix of dark club feels and magical emotive vocals. The production weaves and blends masterfully with the arrangement, creating a perfectly crafted song that is both relaxing and energizing.

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Bayla G’s vocals are one of the standout elements of the song, as her pristine voice soars over the mix, taking the listener on a mesmerizing journey. Felium’s excellent electronic production adds depth to the song, creating a soundscape that feels both perplexing and beautiful. With “Back & Forth,” ILLUZIONS proves that they are at the forefront of the audiovisual electronic pop genre.

“Back & Forth” is a must-listen for anyone who loves excellent production, ethereal vocals, and emotional lyrics. ILLUZIONS has definitely created a stunner with this track, sculpting a lasting impression.

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