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DJ Overture – Colors
DJ Overture – Colors

DJ Overture – Colors | Lo-fi Watercolour Art

DJ Overture comes with a deeply fascinating debut lo-fi electronic album titled Colors. Hailing from Cinicinnati, Ohio, the twenty year old producer and musician has been making music in the genres of hip-hop, trap, pop, and lo-fi music. His latest EP Colors runs for about less than twenty minutes. Within this short span, it packs a tight punch.

Colors begins with the first track Red. The song begins with a slow laid back beat. A nostalgic and pretty sounding chord progression with a sweet electronic snare and kick beat lays down a dreamy lazy vibe. The rhythm work on this song is incredibly swaggy and intelligent with some really cool syncopation which will keep you guessing for the next snare hit. What an intro!

Beginning with some beautiful piano licks imposed over a neat beat, the second song is Orange. From the more energetic rhythm of the last song we get into a beat which takes its time to set the aura. A serene peaceful listen. Yellow, the third track, begins with an almost joyous sound. The light xylohphone like melodic riff in the beginning sets a chirpy and happy vibe. Reverb of the right amount is able to spin a lasting harmonic imprint.

With the fourth song Green, DJ Overture adds some subtle vocals into the mix, midway through the record. Sampled reverbed vocals are used as a sprinkling to the intricate rhythmic beat. We get harmonic undertones which give an almost jazz house vibe mixed with lo-fi. The fifth track is Blue which uses synth work to set a mysterious and sparse sensual sonic canvass. This song creates a calming mood with a sense of finesse and hazy contentment.

Purple, the sixth and penultimate song, begins with the sound of a cassette tape recorded setting in. Then a harp chordal arpeggio sets in creating a heavenly vibe. A steady tight beat sets in with the sound of hi hats opening up. We get a majestic and elegant sound much like the colour purple. The EP concludes with the final track Indigo featuring Ohio/Texas based music duo Banana Massacre. DJ Overture. Beginning with some interesting acoustic samples, we get a fluid synth sound. Sitar samples are used to great effect creating a song with a unique character. A great experimental conclusion to the record.

The EP is titled Colors with each track being named after the main colours of the VIBGYOR colour spectrum. The songs titles also follow the order of the colours in the range of the spectrum. Each colour gets a particular sound with the apt beat and chordal magic creating the unique character of each colour. Colors is a calm and chill record with a wide spectrum of sonic sculpting. DJ Overture manages to spin an aural painting, a watercolour painting. That is especially with the way the synths blend in a watery serene manner with the beats sculpting a tight punch. DJ Overture’s Color is a lo-fi record to enjoy with a glass of wine.

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