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Aerosmith Farewell Tour Peace Out Dates
Aerosmith Farewell Tour Peace Out Dates

“It’s Not Goodbye” – Aerosmith Announce Farewell With Dates for Peace Out Tour

“We’re opening up Pandora’s Box one last time to present our fans with the Peace Out tour. “Be there or beware as we bring all the toys out of the attic. Get ready.” – Aerosmith frontman Tyler has declared to the press.

The renowned American rock band Aerosmith has disclosed plans for a farewell tour to mark their more than fifty years in the music industry. Aerosmith, whose members are all now in their seventies, is known for their classic hits such as Dream On, Walk This Way, and I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

In a video featuring star-studded guests including Sir Ringo Starr, Dolly Parton, and Eminem, the band declared that it is not a final farewell but a “peace out” to their fans. They promised to provide their fans with the “best show of our lives.”

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Aerosmith to play more than 40 gigs in US starting September!

The tour will comprise 40 shows across North America, starting on September 2, 2023, in Philadelphia, and concluding on January 26, 2024, in Montreal, with a New Year’s Eve concert in their hometown of Boston. However, the band has yet to announce any European or UK tour dates.

Guitarist Joe Perry, who is 72, expressed his eagerness for the tour and claimed that “It’s been a while since we’ve actually done a real tour. We did that run in Vegas, which was great. It was fun, but (we’re) kind of anxious to get back on the road.”

Last year, Aerosmith canceled some of their Las Vegas performances when their flamboyant frontman, Steven Tyler, who is now 75 years old, checked himself into rehab.

Aerosmith, which formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970, has sold over 150 million albums globally and won four Grammy Awards. They performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2001. The same year they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Additionally, Aerosmith were known for their hedonistic lifestyles as much as their music.

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