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“Tell Me”, by Sadie Nix: A tale of wistful yearning

Sadie Nix is a Brighton-based up-and-coming pop/alternative performer. She is fast becoming one of the most captivating new stars in the music industry, with a lovable, confident sound. On her latest release, “Tell Me”, she presents a sad tale of yearning, one of intense emotion portrayed with her singing. Keep reading for my thoughts on the song!

The first thing that stands out about this song is the sober, mature sound that brings to mind, immediately, an alley of memories that we have all been down, yet do not hesitate to revisit once there is some impetus to. The vocals are decidedly the centrepiece of the operation here, with the rhythm guitars and the downtempo drumming only further serving to accentuate the tumultuous storm the lyrics are, as they assault you with raw honesty.

The production takes on a very melody-rich approach, with emphasis particularly placed on the support provided by the instruments to the vocals, and it results in a rising crescendo of emotions that find their resolution in a satisfying, beautiful manner. Check out “Tell Me” by Sadie Nix here!

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