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RedrumSociety - Street Fights
RedrumSociety - Street Fights

RedrumSociety – Street Fights | Alternatively Refreshing

RedrumSociety started out as a four-piece group but is now carried on by founding member, Zach Cohen, in Florida. Initially consisting of Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner, the group went through trials and tribulations to get to where it is today. The project has always been about in-your-face, against-the-grain stances. They dish out the things that people think but don’t really say. Moreover, Zach still keeps in touch with Wilcox and Reymond for their opinions on the music. Unfortunately, losing Dylan Lerner at the age of 17 was a hard loss to cope with, but with time his spirit continued with the group.

Zach Cohen released an EP in 2020 entitled Street Fights that has been absolutely incredible to listen to. With a run time of 13-minutes and 6 tracks, Street Fights has everything you’d want in a band like this. The EP starts on T Money Green Strikes Again. This track is a brilliant opener to the EP. Moreover, RedrumSociety has such beautiful musical direction, that it crafts a story out of anything. T Money Green Strikes Again is simply the opening sequence to the EP which moves on to Street Fights. Street Fights is a deep, heavy track. It was initially released as a single.

However, Street Fights is a brilliant track. I believe that RedrumSociety has this beautiful Post Punk and Alternative Rock vibe that keeps it real. All the songs are just open, honest and true to every extent. The next track, Look Out, is similar. It sounds like RedrumSociety has so much to say that nobody really addresses. Moreover, Zach Cohen has done a phenomenal job at keeping the sound true to the image. The guitars and instrumental seem so nostalgic, yet fresh. The vocal work is almost grungy and I love it. I don’t really know too many bands that can achieve that sound these days. Additionally, the song sounds whole — like there’s nothing I could think of to add to the song.

Love You No More is yet another banger on the EP. RedrumSociety has everything a fan of rock needs. The music is full, heavy, and doesn’t take away from any instrument. The crescendos and climaxes in the song are so beautifully timed. Everything is perfect. I can’t think of too many EPs that have been consistently brilliant throughout. Love You No More is the perfect middle section for the EP, giving you so many emotions to feel, but guiding you perfectly. The driving guitars are sublime, the drums and rhythm section; phenomenal.

The final song, but the penultimate track on the EP, With My One And Only, reminds me of The Zombies. This song has a much happier Surf Rock vibe going for it. It has a Beach Boys vibe that works so happily and is perfect to end the album on. I love how positively great and dynamic this entire EP has been. It’s been an absolute joy to listen to and I think anyone can vibe to this. I don’t think I have anything else left to say except You Haven’t Seen The Last of T Money Green.

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