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Ellakate - If You Want Me To
Ellakate - If You Want Me To
Ellakate - If You Want Me To

Ellakate – If You Want Me To

The latest single by Ellakate, If You Want Me To, is a track that is undoubtedly going to make you lose yourself in a different sonic universe! Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ellakate is the stage name of the very talented pop singer-songwriter, Ella Greenbaum! With a knack for music from a very young age, she is moving on to create some of the most beautiful songs that make you want to listen on a loop. Her songs are stories from the lyrical perspective and recount experiences that impact her. Therefore, her music is not just a straight listen. It is an experience!

Ellakate’s If You Want Me To boasts the core elements of pop and electronic music, yet it sounds completely new and fresh. A result of sheer honest effort, open-minded and free-flowing composition, it is a track that boasts that dark atmospheric vibe but in a strangely beautiful and soul-pleasing way! This song comforts the listener so that when you listen to it, you’ll feel like it is a conversation that’s happening live between you and the artist, and that’s a mesmerizing feeling.

The intimate and raw portrayal of feelings in this song makes it so special and calming to listen to! The track is built upon some intricate, subtle musical elements throughout the mix that complement the inviting and warm vocals. A wide variance of spacy synth lines and the tight-knit drum track lay a beautiful foundation and atmosphere to the track that you’ll have difficulty getting out of!

Overall, Ellakate’s If You Want Me To, is a song that will surely be in your playlist right after the first listen. So, enjoy this beautiful experience and listen to this track here:

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