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Dave Mohan-Lightning on Galatea
Dave Mohan-Lightning on Galatea
Dave Mohan-Lightning on Galatea

Dave Mohan takes an excursion to space with his single, “Lightning on Galatea”

Dave Mohan has a dose of renaissance every day with his morning coffee. A spellbinding musician, he has music to love from every decade, and yet has that retro old soul vinyl-scratch sound. Not the one you artificially add, but the kind that the musician buzzes with. With his latest single, he explores a disco-soul sound. Welcome to a James Brown meets prog-rock world. This is Lightning on Galatea.

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Now this Galatea could be anything or anyone, assuming you’ve seen Bicentennial Man. However, for the sake of extraterrestrial voyage, let us assume this is Neptune’s moon. What Dave Mohan creates, hereafter, is a funky, groovy take on what could be your standard C.H.I.P.s theme. The 80s is strong in the synthwave kind of background, yet there is enough going on to see an entire instrument ensemble holding the song in limbo. It is a brilliant song, because of the energetic tempo, instrumental flourishes especially from the piano and the brass. Interactive sections with the percussion might also make you feel like you’re escaping into a Genesis song. Now, if you know him after the song Tears and Ashes, you’re in a state of shock. Yes, this is the same artist.

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Who Knows Where the Music Goes, For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry are some of his best work. From social consciousness to thinly veiled commentary on human nature, Dave Mohan will continue to make music that helps raise questions as much as inspire. Maybe this is what music from another planet sounds like. Listen to his single here and follow him for more like this!: 

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