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Sabolious - Joseph
Sabolious - Joseph

Sabolious – Joseph

Saxophonist and producer, Sabolious another one of his transfixing instrumentals, Joseph. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, the artist explores a variety of sounds and genres to create immersive soundscapes for dreaming. With chill melodies and mellow beats, his tracks create the perfect atmosphere for roaming minds and drifting thoughts.

Synths born out of piano keys and strings of molten melodies open the track against the backdrop of slow-dancing beats. Spacy synths spread across the hollow soundscape to create an ethereal feeling. This blend continues as the backdrop to slow jazz melody influxes that ooze with warmth and a golden light.

Bass saxophone melodies shape the song as the floating synths tether themselves to it. The rippling sound of dainty piano melodies textures the song with its sharp clarity. Alluring and mesmerizing, the song washes over us like waves of a calm, blue ocean. The warmth of the saxophone empties into the track as cooler melodies carve dreamy patterns onto the canvass.

The instrumental gives us a mellow high with its incredibly tranquilizing effect. Abstract and hazy, the track is misty and blue with sharp lines of glowing melodies. It makes us feel free and formless, dissolving into and forming out of each line of melody.

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Sabolious – Joseph

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