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Cassandra Raffaele - Camera Oslo
Cassandra Raffaele - Camera Oslo

Cassandra Raffaele – Camera Oslo | Emotionally Heavy

Cassandra Raffaele is an iconic singer-songwriter and street dancer from Italy. She gained international recognition for her works with various international artists. Moreover, with her bilingual fluency, she can perform in both English and Italian. Her music has seen national and international stages with various popular acts such as Brunori Sas and EnnieLoud. Cassandra has just released her latest album, Camera Oslo, which features 10 songs and a total runtime of 34 and a half minutes. Her all-Italian album is striking, strong and extremely mellifluous.

The album begins on the titular track, Camera Oslo (Waiting for Ennio). This track is a rather light, and playful track. With light percussions and a rather Romantic intro, the track has some strong movements. While the track seems rather instrumental, the second and fourth movements are dreamy and ethereal. I love how everything in this track seems so heavenly. Similarly, LADY JANE X sempre features rather light elements that give it this dreamy feeling. However, this track seems to balance it out with some darker tones that give it a lot of depth.

Giovanna is another playful track that reminds me of many Indie Dream Pop songs. This song gives me strong Dayglow and Tame Impala vibes. Moreover, Cassandra Raffaele has an incredible voice that backs itself up and adds to the instrumental track. The song seems to put you in a daze that you don’t mind losing yourself to. It’s a rather interesting track that allows you that liberty. Antidoto acts as a pretty big contrast to Giovanna. This track is groovy and has that Dream Pop effect but in a different manner. Additionally, it’s darker, featuring elements that are known for their dynamism. One would be amiss to leave out the bass and drums on any of these tracks, but Antidoto is absolutely brilliant.

La mia anarchia ama te is another track that continues this dark theme. It has these provocative beats and moves slowly. Cassandra Raffaele has a strong voice that cuts through the mix with such ease. Moreover, her music has a calming, yet provocative effect on you. La libertà achieves this effect really well. Moreover, the song fills you with all these emotions. It’s as if she knows how to convert words into feelings.

Il mio gigante is, probably, the most contemporary track on the album. However, Cassandra Raffaele does a great job at creating a sombre vibe. Her voice, like an angel, touches you and immerses you in her music. The instrument work on this entire album has been on point throughout. Every instrument plays off of one another with such ease and comfort. The final song on the album, Sarà successo, is the perfect song to end the album. With loads of depth and contrast, this song truly hits close.

This entire album has been a sonic journey with so much to offer. You can stream it along with her other music on most streaming platforms.

Be sure to stream Camera Oslo today!

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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