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Svicideghost - Sticks & Stones
Svicideghost - Sticks & Stones

Svicideghost – Sticks & Stones | Sunken Ship

Svicideghost has released his second single of 2022, Sticks & Stones. A duality- warm and hostile, comforting and disorienting, upbeat and grunge, the artist explores the emotions that come with a fading friendship.

Upbeat and incredibly hearty, the pop single sports a catchy rhythm, warm basslines, and endearing vocals. It instantly puts a skip in our step as it percolates into us. Honest and unpretentious, the song is about the fading of a sweet friendship. Despite its warm tones and fond melodies, the story-telling lyrics engage us with nostalgia and memories. We see twinkling trails of melodies and country guitar lines throughout the song.

Losing a friend can be as heartbreaking and life-changing as losing a lover. The artist sings, “Sticks and stones can’t break my bones! Because your words have killed me. Don’t forget, you created this mess – I don’t want a fake friend…” to bring the evergreen pain and deep-seated melancholy to life. Using romantic melodies and styles, the song portrays disappointment, rejection, resignation, sadness, and repressed anger.

With a stark and brusque curve, the song’s warm tones mutate with a bone-chilling hostility. The artist employs hard rock textures and screaming vocals to showcase the roots of pain and festering anger. Unexpected and profoundly honest, the song is raw and unfiltered. Wearing his heart of the sleeve, the artist explores a sunken friendship.

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Listen to Sticks & Stones by Svicideghost here-

Svicideghost – Sticks & Stones

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