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Anchen Ji Sets the Bar High with Her New Release
Anchen Ji Sets the Bar High with Her New Release

Anchen Ji Sets the Bar High with Her New Release “Wait It Out”

Anchen Ji, a growing sensation, hails from Boston, is a scientist, and also a mother. Her journey has been carved out with a lot of patience and zeal and that’s what makes her one of a kind. With reflective, heart-touching songs, she makes sure to give a bit of her soul to her listeners. 

Recently, Anchen Ji released a glorious track called “Wait it Out”. A simple yet beautiful number, “Wait it Out” is a song that you should listen to for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it has some exquisite soundscapes. With a tinge of tribal touch, a lot of acoustics, and soulful vocals, the song becomes quite enjoyable and worthwhile. 

The song begins with rather laid-back and soul-touching hymn-like sounds that evoke a sense of transcendentality in you as soon as these sounds are infused into the air around you. You would want to play the initial part on the loop just to fully immerse into its goodness. It’s that catchy and attractive. However, when the song progresses, it throws surprises at you every second. You wouldn’t expect laid-back vocals to be paired with such experimental sounds, yet great production makes sure every emotion comes to the surface and gets known. Production-wise, every sound, and every motif has been woven together brilliantly. Once you listen to the song a few times, you realize how every soundscape makes perfect sense and everything has a deep meaning. You wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Listen to the song right here: 

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