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David Gould - Halfway House | Psychedelic 
David Gould - Halfway House | Psychedelic 

David Gould – Halfway House | Psychedelic 

David Gould is an Amsterdam based composer, guitarist, producer, singer, and songwriter. His interests lie in soulful, psychedelic, and acoustic music. And that’s what he is prominently known for. Through his recent single, Halfway House, he is gaining quite some attention and appreciation, for all the good reasons. 

Halfway House feels like an exotic, out of the box track, with many elements for you to explore. As soon as you step into its realm, you realize that Halfway House is not your ordinary track. It is something that demands to be comprehended, slowly and at your own pace. Through many intricacies, this song easily becomes a rich treasure. 

David Gould’s ingenuity as an artist comes to light with the way he mixes elements together. Even though with so much to explore and perceive here, nothing goes out of the line, or oversteps the mark. The track is a satiable outcome of his flairs as a musician, which one can see by unravelling the sheer beauty of this complex track. Moreover, the vocals of David Gould are extraordinary. So, the whole thing becomes quite enjoyable. 

Even if you are not big into the psychedelic genre, Halfway House won’t throw you off. The complexity and richness are the reasons why you should give this track a listen, no matter what. With vivid brilliance in every second, Halfway House becomes quite a treat. You would be mesmerized by everything that this song has to offer. 

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