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Gabrielle Ornate – Free Falling | Energetic

Gabrielle Ornate is a singer and composer who has been making waves in the pop-rock scene since 2021. Her debut “The March of the Caterpillars” opened doors for her in the genre worldwide, having amassed over 600k streams on Spotify! She’s known best for her tracks “Spirit of the Times” and “Waiting To Be Found”. Gabrielle’s latest release “Free Falling” is an energetic track that will surely get your headbanging right from the start!

Distorted guitars and a tight drum groove start off “Free Falling” with a classic hard rock-like sound that has the catchiness of pop along with it. Gabrielle’s vocals quickly become the centre of attention as she delivers a powerful vocal performance, singing confidently and flawlessly. You can really hear the masterful mix cut through and enhance the developing instrumental grooves as the track progresses; it is a very intricately produced and executed.

Any rock track stands out if it has a good bridge, and “Free Falling” features a perfect one with lovely dynamics, right before an intense lead section as well! Guitars take centre stage and play along with a bunch of rich layers of vocals before the final outro chorus that’s really fun to headbang to if you ask me!

With its catchy choruses and super pumped up feel, it’s hard not to like this one! Gabrielle showcases her unique composition style excellently with a combination of aggressive guitars and hard-hitting grooves in her second release of the year.

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