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Escape | Water Rise | Rock and Roll | Rebellious Rock
Escape | Water Rise | Rock and Roll | Rebellious Rock

Water Rise – Escape | Rebellious Rock

Who said Rock and Roll is dying? It lives on through musicians like “Water Rise”. Despite not being the most popular artist, his music reeks rock and roll! A rebellious style of music that is accentuated by “Water Rise’s” vocals. Vocals that could quite possibly pump me up to do ANYTHING! That speaks a lot about the music because it is filled with that raw rebellious energy that makes the listener want to get up and break everything around them as they bathe in the tranquility of chaos.

When asked why the name “Water Rise”, the answer was just drenched in the same rock and roll that their music is dripping with. Just like how when water is rising, there is not much you can do to stop it, their band is just like that – UNSTOPPABLE! Another interpretation could be a little more sensitive, the issue of global warming. Water levels are rising uncontrollably! As humankind continues to indulge in selfish activities, the WATER WILL RISE! This is the most rebellious rock and roll concept that I have heard of in a while.

Instead of focusing on running away from problems, the singer uses riding his bike as a metaphor for finding peace and freedom. The lyrics describe the feeling of the wind on his face as he rides, freeing his mind from all the worries and stress. It’s a message of self-discovery and finding joy in the small moments of life. The song shows that escaping doesn’t always have to mean leaving everything behind, but sometimes it can be as simple as taking a break and enjoying the simple things.

Overall “Escape” by Water Rise is a dynamic and mind-numbing track. The raw melody combined with the aggressive lyrics creates a sense of passion and gives the listener a much needed adrenaline rush. The production is top-notch, with each instrument blending seamlessly to produce a rich and full sound. The intro to the song has this wild cowboy scream that’s almost like a signal that shit is going to get wild! With their soaring vocals and driving beat, “Escape” is an especially powerful track with raw rebellious energy.

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