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Christopher Ames Band-Endless Loop
Christopher Ames Band-Endless Loop
Christopher Ames Band-Endless Loop

Christopher Ames Band-Life Outside the Machine | A lullaby that sustains

If I can advertise a band that doesn’t need one, it would be the Christopher Ames Band. With only albums out in feverish, sporadic frequency, there is a dedication to this art that is admirable. There is a clawing feeling when there is no music as well. After 2018’s album Emotional Tattoo, this group is back, with a phenomenal set of songs. This is Life Outside the Machine.

Opening with a lullaby, you’d think they’re advocating sleep. Quite the contrary. In one of the most creative album openers of all time, Endless Loop is part ballad, part old school rock and a whole lot awesome. With a hook that dominates your headspace for the duration of the song, the lyrics are a connect to a machine that we’ve been perpetually hooked to. Scandal opts for a hard rock/blues rock soul that aims to be your monthly caffeine intake in a second. The sound is switched up, and you’re now running the marathon in full speed. Backwards.

The kind of energy that fluctuates between the tracks is extraordinary. An obviously massive amount of thought has gone into creating a perfect waveform. If Christopher Ames was Brian Wilson, this is his Pet Sounds. Here We Go has the dinosaur spine of a beat that your neck subconsciously nods to. The flicker is hardly there, this is film of gold by a band that has taken time to make something that outlasts them.

To trounce mediocrity

Hall of Mirrors begins to tell a story, and leads a ballad like performance. A raconteur with a guitar, Christopher Ames Band makes sure your time is worthwhile exploring this. With a pulsating rhythm that reminds you of mortality, this track features the band at its best, pulling all the strings for great instrumental plaques across their proverbial hall of fame.

The title track comes in after a small interlude, and like Bryan Adams, its a triumphant return. The vocals strain somewhat effortlessly through the opening. The chugging of the chords allows Ames’ to have his way with the vocal performance. 10 Seconds Either Way makes this songwriters name fully formed in concrete. The lyrics are self-examined glimpses into reality, and Christopher Ames band pushes for the best.

An understanding with time

Forever 21 stretches the moment of our dreams for the evasive face of youth. The group makes their ideas preserved crystal, and the songs don’t slack for even a bit. Whether it be the funky undertone of Dancing With Ghosts or the acoustic ballad that is In the Afters, each song earns its place on the album, or on your tongue. Fan favorites will be compiled, and you’ll remember this as one of their best work.

Simple Plan may be channeled for Storie Fantasma, an unusual riff that Christopher Ames Band takes as a challenge to nail. The result is one of the best songs on this album, and the vocal performance is HOF worthy. The last track goes back to the indie rock roots, and with Move they close out an incredibly powerful and influential album for them. The hours in production, creating and curating must have been infinite. They will now be responsible for thousands of smiles across the globe.

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