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Ozz Gold – Care For | Vibrance
Ozz Gold – Care For | Vibrance

Ozz Gold – Care For | Vibrance

Ozz Gold is a Las Vegas-based producer and DJ who is also a U.S. Military Academy graduate. After moving to Vegas he started his music career. He loves making upbeat, DJ music that people can listen to and instantly connect to. With a unique style of music, he has been making quite an impression lately among his fans, for all the right reasons. He has performed in several cities in the U. S. and personally loves the charm of a crowd.

He takes inspiration from various artists such as Kygo and his music is a reflection of that. His recent release is a song called Care For. It is an enlivening, refreshing track with a lot of fresh and vibrant elements that make the song what it is; a truly enjoyable and swoon-worthy number. With intrinsic richness, Care For is quite an ethereal number. It has a lot of elements that stand out, one of them, being the extra smooth flow of the song. The great thing about the song is that it flows effortlessly. You would want to groove along to this track, while also letting loose and surrendering to its bliss. It’s a song that you can relax to, and also play as a dancefloor number, thanks to the drops and twists here and there. Care For has deep lyrics that perfectly complement the vibe of the whole track and make it even more classy and unforgettable.

A must-listen if you are into EDM and upbeat music.

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