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Cascadia Vanstones
Cascadia Vanstones
Cascadia Vanstones

“Cascadia” Is A Lush Journey of Joyous Folk Pop by Vanstones

Yukon, Canada trio Vanstones emerges as a phenomenal indie folk act with their debut album “Cascadia“. Comprising talented songwriters Amanda Fata, Sarah Murphy, and Nathan Schultz, Vanstones brings a fresh and invigorating sound to the folk pop genre. Clocking in at a concise 25 minutes across 8 songs, “Cascadia” is a captivating journey that would perfectly align with the essence of wanderlust and road trip adventures.

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Brought together by their mutual love for rich vocal harmonies, Vanstones draws inspiration from legendary multi-lead vocalist bands like Fleetwood Mac. This influence becomes instantly evident as the album unfolds, each track showcasing intricate and beautifully woven vocal harmonies that elevate the songs to a whole new level. The harmonies are, in many ways, the heart and soul of the album, creating a sense of unity and togetherness throughout the record.

The album’s opening track, “Of Course I Can,” sets the stage with its electric ukulele and acoustic blend. The song is an immediate showcase of Vanstones’ strengths: outstanding vocal harmonies, sweeping percussion, and tantalizing lead guitar solos. As the album progresses, each track brings something unique to the table. From the steady and serene clean electric ukulele rhythm in “Home,” to the rock-inspired outro in “Oh! Ontario,” the diversity of arrangements keeps the listening experience engaging and exciting.

“Rainbow Valley” introduces a twangy country folk rock sound with a galloping rhythm that’s hard not to tap your feet to. “Better Days” takes an upbeat turn, featuring energetic percussion and an inspiring message that resonates deeply. The simplicity of “Sleepy Northern Town” brings an indie folk charm, exuding joy with every note. The album’s closing track, “With You (California),” provides a fitting conclusion to the journey, leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment. The electric lead guitar licks, combined with the enchanting harmonies, go along with the emotions and would be a good soundtrack to embarking on a road trip towards the unknown.

“Cascadia” is an aural journey that transports listeners to a place of happiness and positivity. Vanstones’ ability to infuse their music with a genuine sense of joy is truly remarkable. Vanstones’ debut album is a tasty indie folk record, showcasing their mastery of vocal harmonies, instrumental arrangements, and heartfelt songwriting. The album offers a sonic landscape that works across acoustic and electric elements. The album maintains an organic and joyful atmosphere, with the percussion, although mostly light, crafted with impeccable rhythmic precision. The result is a collection of tracks that feel natural, vibrant, and infectious. A sure playlist addition for lovers of indie folk!

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