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Desperate Electric - What Do You Want
Desperate Electric - What Do You Want

Desperate Electric – What Do You Want | Suspended Illusions

The Montana-based disco-soul duo, Desperate Electric are back with their latest, feel-good, electro-soul album, What Do You Want. With energetic electro fusions that are out of the world, the songs of the album range from celestial mysticism to earthly nostalgia.

The album breaks out with Wherever You’re Not. With mellow vocal flows and ethereal echoing harmonies, the song cruises across landscapes of memories and feelings of a fond heart. We also see lilting funk harmonies rising like steam from the musical canvass before they dissolve into your brain.

Karaoke brings a fresh bliss with swag baritone vocals and smooth harmonies. Making you feel as though you’re vacationing on the sandy beaches at the edge of the galaxy, the upbeat vocals thoroughly energize you while the glistening harmonies refresh you like mint mocktails on a hot summer day.

The circling synth melodies of Naked are hypnotizing. Ben’s delightful low tonal vocals are soulful as it laments a lost reality. Rich with layers of harmonies and nature melodies, the song draws us into a spiraling melancholy. Stay has a swinging rhythm with the melodies exploding with the flourish of color bombs and confetti. The vocals tumble through the song with a focused intensity; putting you in a hazy funk.

Have 2 Do It kicks off with heavenly harmonies and angelic melodies before it acquires the metallic sheen of electronic music and rock guitar riffs. The song switches its personality and travels seamlessly in and out of rock, funk, soul and electro. Alter Ego trips you into a world of slow-moving swirls of color. It floats vapors of illusion into your mind and sails into your soul.

Toasty carries brisk morning energy – sharp, clear, and optimistic. Kayti’s voice is like a sweet breakfast of pancakes, powdered sugar, and fresh strawberries. Whimsy beats dance through the song and carry the alternating vocal timbres. Isn’t It Funny flows with a compelling rhythm, with charming harmonies. The quick tempo and the spontaneous scale variations keep you engaged. We also see a molten guitar melody line that gushes through the song like an electronic river.

Stop Making Noise is a total texture overload with lilting vocals, rough trumpets, electric guitars, smooth melody lines, and varying pitches of harmony. Treason carries the mellow temperance of funk with its breezy vocals swishing across the song. It sports enchanting harmonies delivered with varying scales and vocal textures. Levitating between suspended illusions, the song is a total trip-fest.

What Do You Want ends the album with an exciting rhythm, rippling melodies, and engaging vocal blends. We see changing synth patterns – rippling, bubbling, and glittering against the vocal scape. The eclectic fusions, seen throughout the album create masterpieces of music that magnify the listening experience.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Listen to What Do You Want by Desperate Electric here –

Desperate Electric – What Do You Want

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