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Blake Cateris
Blake Cateris

Blake Cateris – Days, Weeks, Months, and Years | Soulful rock 

Blake Cateris is known and loved as a sensational Australian singer and songwriter who infuses a unique charm into the air whenever he is performing. His 70s and 80s-inspired rock style in the world of pop and oomphed-up music has been garnering him a lot of attention and love. You would be startled to hear his music because even though it is charming like good old rock but has the unconventionality of modern times. 

Blake Cateris recently released a refreshing number called Days, Months, and Years. This is a song that has bits of nostalgia and loads of charm. With unique soundscapes, enlivening energy, and playful guitar at work, infuses a soulful vibe to the track and in the air around its listeners. While many things would amaze you, the one thing that grabs its listener’s attention the most is the way the song builds up and forms euphoric energy whenever the chorus kicks in. Uniquely crafted verses instill a sense of pleasure in your mind and a soothing, charming, flow grabs all your attention. 

The song has powerful undertones of a retro rock number but can very much be called a modern number. The great balance that Blake Cateris forms between the new and the old, classic and refreshing, bitter and sweet, is something you would fall in love with. 

With a great pace, soulful soundscapes, and refreshing guitar strings, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years is sure to win your heart!

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