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Maria Lane - Haunting Me
Maria Lane - Haunting Me

Maria Lane – Haunting Me

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and artist, Maria Lane has just released Haunting Me, a chilling expose of bad relationships. Its theme is brought out beautifully through the melodies. So, if you are a fan of horror and all its flavors, this track is for you.

Glinting acoustics and immersive synths set the stage for the allure of the melodramatic vocals. Drawing from her own experiences, the artist uses the song to connect us to her emotional bandwidth. The soundscape is ever-moving, fluid and flowing with a definite rhythm.

The artist wrote this song about going through a break up and trying to date someone new when the ex reaches out again. It feels like he’s haunting you and keeping you away from this new relationship. The intense vocals and its gut-wrenching trajectories recreate the feeling within this engaging track. Haunting harmonies and lyrics finally connect the dots with memories and trauma of the artist.

We feel the guilt, the scrutiny, and the emotional play first hand. Despite being incredibly melodious and euphonic, dark lumps of trauma simmer under the canvass, with jagged fears and past demons manifesting through the fabric of memories. Its hypnotic horrors spin you into a disquieting headspace as the artist relives her experiences.

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